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Operating from Danville, Virginia, Making Everything Possible is a high performing Supply Chain and R&D risk sharing partner supporting our client’s growth and success, through competitive and innovative products delivered right and on time.


Making Everything Possible supports global Aerospace and Defence clients, adding value through delivering complex multi-axis machined, plastic molded components and multi-level assemblies.

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Multi-Axis machining

Precision multi-axis CNC machining in ferrous, non-ferrous and polymeric materials, at competitive rates, our range of machining capabilities ensure we select the right approach to manufacturing small and simple to larger complex detail metal and plastic components.

Plastics Molding

Thermoset, Thermoplastic and composite molding, including the encapsulation of metallic inserts (manufactured in group), all post-molding and finishing processes.


Supporting the Power Generation markets in Aerospace and Electrical and Electronic applications, Making Everything Possible’s scope of manufacture in Insulations is wide ranging, from stamped out engineering laminates and films, to molded and machined complex insulations.


Making Everything Possible adds value for our clients’ in supporting simple to complex and higher-level assemblies.

Supply Chain Management

Utilizing all our capabilities and extensive Supply Chain partners, Making Everything Possible adds value for our clients through our complete engineering service offering the best engineering solutions.